Sony S-Gamut3 S-Log3 HDR Broadcaster's Pack v1.0

Sony S-Gamut3 S-Log3 Broadcast LUTs v1.0 - SALE.png
Sony S-Gamut3 S-Log3 Broadcast LUTs v1.0 - SALE.png

Sony S-Gamut3 S-Log3 HDR Broadcaster's Pack v1.0

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The MBOX S-Gamut3 / S-Gamut3.cine & S-Log3 Broadcaster's LUTs are utility LUTs for working with S-Gamut3, S-Gamut3.cine, or S-Log3 source content in a Broadcast HDR environment. A reduced version of these LUTs specific for post-produced filming applications is found in the Sony S-Gamut3 S-Log3 HDR Camera Pack

There are eighty eight LUTs in this LUT pack

The LUTs are subcategorized into three categories, depending on whether they're handling color space transformations, transfer function transformations, or both.

The MBOX Combined S-Gamut3/ S-Gamut3.cine S-Log3 Cross Conversion LUTs are used to move to or from S-Log3, HLG (BT2100), HLG (OETF), and PQ HDR spaces, while also managing color space transformations into P3 D65 and Rec. 2020. The S-Log3 to PQ variants include additional contrast options to match artistic intent. Standard contrast matches the contrast added by SDR Gamma 2.4 systems.

While these ten LUTs can be used independently, the 33x33x33 3D cubes required to handle both the color space transformation and the transfer function transformation reduces the resolution of the transfer function conversion.

The MBOX S-Log3 Transfer Function Conversions are 1D LUTs for handling the transfer function change at a higher resolution than 33x33x33 cubes permit. They may be combined with the MBOX S-Gamut3 / S-Gamut3.cine to Rec 2020 LUTs in the Colorspace Conversion category, to match the all in one LUTs provided, or combined with the to DCI-P3, to P3 D65, and to Rec 709 LUTs to match your target working space.

When combining with the colorspace conversion LUTs, the colorspace conversion should come FIRST in the image pipeline.


Additional LUTs packs suitable for use in a Broadcast pipeline include the MBOX Color Space Conversion LUTs, the MBOX HDR10 to SDR Conversion LUTs, the MBOX PQ & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs, The MBOX PQ HDR Add OOTF (Add Contrast) LUTs, and the MBOX SDR to HDR10 Conversion LUTs, which includes LUTs suitable for graphic overlays. These are available at a reduced price together in the MBOX Broadcaster’s HDR Utility LUTs Pack.


These LUTs are licensed for use in a post-production setting for applying to assets prior to the assets distribution.  If you are interested in incorporating these LUTs into HDR encoding, distribution, or exhibition technology, please contact us for more information on licensing.

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