Simple Grading HDR Utility LUTs v1.0

Simple Grading HDR Utility LUTs v1.0 - SALE.png
Simple Grading HDR Utility LUTs v1.0 - SALE.png

Simple Grading HDR Utility LUTs v1.0

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The Mystery Box Simple Grading HDR Utility LUTs Pack allows for the easy purchase of our recommended HDR Utility LUTs at a discount. Mystery Box recommends these LUTs for any post production facility doing work in HDR.

It contains the LUTs from of the following packs:

  1. HDR10 to SDR Conversion LUTs v1.1 (Simplified: Rec 2020 PQ intensity matching LUTs have been removed, as have the Rec 2020 PQ, P3 D65 PQ, Rec 2020 HLG, and P3 D65 HLG to P3 D65 SDR, and all of the Rec 709 to SDR LUTs.)

  2. SDR to HDR10 Conversion LUTs v1.0 (Simplified: The P3 D65 SDR to HDR LUTs, and the Bright LUTs have been removed.)

  3. HDR & SDR Color Primary Conversion LUTs v1.1 (Simplified: DCI-P3 has been removed, as have conversions into Rec. 709.)

  4. HDR Exposure Value Adjustment LUTs v1.1 (Simplified: EV adjustments of +/- 0.5, 0.75, 1.5, 2.5, and 4 have been removed.)

  5. PQ & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs v2.0 (Simplified: The alternate system gammas, and the legacy LUTs have been removed.)

  6. HDR Application LUTs v1.1 (SDR color space clamps, and Rec. 709 clamps for Rec 2020 have been removed, as have the 1000 nits and 4000 high clip LUTs.)

  7. PQ Hard Clipping LUTs v1.0 (Simplified: The 3D Advanced Mapping LUTs, and the lower clip and crush values (< 0.01 Nits) have been removed, along with the 100, 200, and 2000 high clips.)

  8. HDR10 Calibration Images

For more information about these LUTs, see their respective product pages.


These LUTs are licensed for use in a post-production setting for applying to assets prior to the assets distribution.  If you are interested in incorporating these LUTs into HDR encoding, distribution, or exhibition technology, please contact us for more information on licensing.


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