RedWideGamutRGB to HDR10 LUTs v1.0

RedWideGamutRGB LUTs - Sale.png
RedWideGamutRGB LUTs - Sale.png

RedWideGamutRGB to HDR10 LUTs v1.0


The Mystery Box RedWideGamut to HDR10 LUTs are designed to work with RED's Image Processing Pipeline 2 (IPP2) by converting the color primaries from the RedWideGamutRGB into a grading space while maintaining the Log3G10.

There are eleven LUTs in this pack:

  1. MBOX RedWideGamutRGB to DCI-P3 (Gamma 2.4)
  2. MBOX RedWideGamutRGB to DCI-P3 (Log3G10)
  3. MBOX RedWideGamutRGB to P3 D65 (Gamma 2.4)
  4. MBOX RedWideGamutRGB to P3 D65 (Log3G10)
  5. MBOX RedWideGamutRGB to Rec709 (Gamma 2.4)
  6. MBOX RedWideGamutRGB to Rec709 (Log3G10)
  7. MBOX RedWideGamutRGB to Rec2020 (Gamma 2.4)
  8. MBOX RedWideGamutRGB to Rec2020 (Log3G10)
  9. MBOX Rec 2020 to RedWideGamutRGB (Gamma 2.4)
  10. MBOX Rec 2020 to RedWideGamutRGB (Log3G10)
  11. MBOX HDR10 (Rec 2020 + SMPTE ST.2084) to RedWideGamutRGB Log3G10

We’ve found it advantageous to maintain the Log3G10 curve when working in HDR10, as it provides a better starting point for HDR grading, and recommend applying the RedWideGamutRGB to either DCI-P3, P3 D65, Rec. 709, or Rec 2020 LUT, using the Log3G10 variant, after any IPP2 creative LUTs when working in HDR10.

As with our other color space conversion LUTs, honoring the encoded transfer function provides better rendition, though we've also included LUTs that operate on standard Gamma 2.4, for when the occasion requires it. Those using Gamma 2.4 show increased saturation in the reds, and slight shifts in the yellows, greens, and cyans when applied to Log3G10 footage, so we advise using the Log3G10 versions of the LUTs.

We’ve also included three LUTs designed to move standard Rec. 2020 HDR footage back into RedWideGamutRGB Log3G10, for VFX work, or other creative reasons.

For a demonstration of how the LUTs work and the problems they solve, visit our blog post here.


These LUTs are licensed for use in a post-production setting for applying to assets prior to the assets distribution.  If you are interested in incorporating these LUTs into HDR encoding, distribution, or exhibition technology, please contact us for more information on licensing.


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