PQ & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs v2.0

PQ & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs v2.0 - SALE.png
PQ & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs v2.0 - SALE.png

PQ & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs v2.0

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New In Version 2.0

  • Updated LUTs to be fully reversible, and visually perfect when moving to or from BT2100 HLG.

  • Included two reversible “artistic” conversions that allow for different transfer characteristics, with respect to contrast and highlight compression

  • Added PQ to HLG conversions for alternate HLG System Gammas than the BT.2100 SG 1.2.

  • Renamed the LUT pack to reflect broader PQ HDR Compatibility


The MBOX HDR10 & HLG Cross Conversions are a set of cross conversion LUTs to move from HDR10 (PQ) to Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and back again.

There are four categories of LUTs in this LUT pack: PQ & HLG standard cross conversions (BT2100), PQ & HLG Artistic Conversions, PQ 1000 nits to HLG Alternative System Gammas, and Legacy MBOX HDR10 & HLG Cross Conversions. This last category includes the LUTs from version 1 of this LUT pack, and while instructions for their use are included below, we recommend against using them in a production environment.

Hybrid Log Gamma's inclusion of brightness scaling factors and adjustable system gammas make it difficult to provide visually flawless conversions for all possible HLG setups. As such, we've made assumptions and prepared LUTs for specific applications only.

The MBOX PQ & HLG Standard Cross Conversion (BT2100) LUTs are reversible LUTs that convert PQ HDR data into BT2100 standard HLG (1000 nits Peak, with System Gamma 1.2), or BT2100 Standard HLG data to PQ HDR. BT2100 is the broadcast standard for HLG HDR, and these reversible LUTs provide a visually perfect reproduction of image moving from one to the other, with the exception of the restricted dynamic range which may be experienced moving from PQ into HLG.

>>If you're unsure of what to do when converting from PQ to HLG, or from HLG to PQ, this is almost certainly the LUT you will need<<

The MBOX PQ & HLG Artistic Cross Conversion LUTs allow for a small compression of the highlights or higher contrast when moving from PQ to HLG. The reversed HLG to PQ LUTs are also provided.

The MBOX PQ 1000 Nits to HLG Alternative System Gammas LUTs are designed for converting PQ HDR into HLG, and compensating for a variety of display system gammas, from 1.0 to 1.6, with the HLG brightness scaling assumed to be 1000 nits peak. We recommend only using these LUTs if you know exactly what they're used for.

There are twenty four LUTs in this pack:

  1. MBOX PQ 1000 Nits to HLG SG 1.20 (BT2100)

  2. MBOX HLG SG 1.20 to PQ 1000 Nits (BT2100)

  3. MBOX PQ to HLG Artistic - Compressed Highlights

  4. MBOX HLG to PQ Artistic - Compressed Highlights

  5. MBOX PQ to HLG Artistic - Higher Contrast

  6. MBOX HLG to PQ Artistic - Higher Contrast

  7. 12 x MBOX PQ 1000 Nits to HLG Alternate System Gammas (SG 1.00 to 1.6, in 0.05 increments, 1.20 excluded)

  8. 6 x Non Reversible Legacy LUTs (Recommend Against Using)

For a demonstration of how the LUTs work and the problems they solve, visit our blog post here.


These LUTs are licensed for use in a post-production setting for applying to assets prior to the assets distribution.  If you are interested in incorporating these LUTs into HDR encoding, distribution, or exhibition technology, please contact us for more information on licensing.


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