HDR10 & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs v1.0

HDR10 & HLG Cross Conversion Luts SALE.png
HDR10 & HLG Cross Conversion Luts SALE.png

HDR10 & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs v1.0


The Mystery Box HDR10 & HLG Cross Conversion LUTs are designed to quickly move content between the two main methods of HDR delivery: Perceptual Quantization (PQ, SMPTE ST.2084) and Hybrid Log Gamma.

The Consumer Electronics Association’s adopted HDR standard, HDR10, uses Perceptual Quantization, as does Dolby Vision (Dolby invented the PQ curve).  Hybrid Log Gamma is also standardized, as ARIB STD-B67.

Working in HDR often requires familiarity with both PQ and HLG, and deliverables may be required in both formats.  Since both PQ and HLG cover similar output brightness ranges, it’s possible to cross convert between the two formats.  However, and this is important, because HLG is scene referred and PQ is display referred, there is no fully reversible direct conversion between the formats.

As a result, we’ve prepared LUTs that move between PQ and HLG in three different ways.

There are six LUTs in this pack:

  1. MBOX HLG to PQ_v1
  2. MBOX HLG to PQ_v2
  3. MBOX HLG to PQ_v3
  4. MBOX PQ to HLG_v1
  5. MBOX PQ to HLG_v2
  6. MBOX PQ to HLG_v3

Each has slightly different characteristics, and the versions are largely reciprocal (converting from PQ to HLG using version 1 and then converting back to PQ using the same version should produce close to the same image), though not perfectly because of issues with the mediums.

For a demonstration of how the LUTs work and the problems they solve, visit our blog post here.


These LUTs are licensed for use in a post-production setting for applying to assets prior to the assets distribution.  If you are interested in incorporating these LUTs into HDR encoding, distribution, or exhibition technology, please contact us for more information on licensing.


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