HDR Application LUTs v1.0

Application LUTs - Sale.png
Application LUTs - Sale.png

HDR Application LUTs v1.0


The Mystery Box HDR Application LUTs are four small LUTs that make it easier to handle some of the technical aspects of HDR.

There are four LUTs in this pack:

  1. MBOX Adobe Limited HDR to ST2084
  2. MBOX HDR10 1000 Nits Hard Clip
  3. MBOX HDR10 4000 Nits Hard Clip
  4. MBOX ST2084 HDR10 Output Grading Curve

The Adobe Limited HDR to ST2084 LUT is designed to bring image sequences processed through Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop into a brighter HDR space.  Without getting into the nitty gritty of how and why, it’s sufficient to say that Adobe hard clips HDR to 120 nits instead of allowing you to work with the full range during image development.

The HDR 1000 and 4000 nits hard clipping LUTs apply a hard clip to image data above 1000 or 4000 nits in SMPTE ST.2084 respectively.  One of the troubles with the current state of HDR is that you can have data that extends above the view characteristics of your display, and without clipping off that data, you may find the content has strange details retained in the highlights further down the line when displays are capable of exhibiting the higher brightness content.

The last grading utility LUT is our ST2084 HDR10 Output Curve that we use in DaVinci Resolve to compress the highlights and expand the darks as we apply a gain function, which allows traditional Lift, Gamma, and Gain adjustments to behave more evenly in HDR.  For a full discussion as to why that is, see our post HDR Video Part 5: Grading, Mastering, and Delivering HDR.  Note that we feel it’s better to apply this curve as a bezier curve in DaVinci resolve, as it offers fine tuning for the feel, and allows the curve to extend into out of range data.

For a demonstration of how the LUTs work and the problems they solve, visit our blog post here.


These LUTs are licensed for use in a post-production setting for applying to assets prior to the assets distribution.  If you are interested in incorporating these LUTs into HDR encoding, distribution, or exhibition technology, please contact us for more information on licensing.


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