Our work in UltraHD has gain a huge following of over 180,000 subscribers on Youtube and garnered over 100 million views and counting. We pride ourselves in offering people a chance to go places and see things in a new light through UltraHD and beyond.  We specialize in providing content for companies that are striving to be innovative with new technology. Recently we've done work for Dell, Sony, VIZIO, NVIDIA, Samsung, SES, and Harmonic to show off the amazing technology they've created for people around the world to enjoy video in new ways.


We grew up on the web, and started our careers making content for YouTube. We've collaborated with some of the greatest advertising pioneers and content creators to produce content for YouTube, which collectively has grossed over 1 billion media impressions in the last 5 years of our business. Click here to watch YouTube playlist of our creations.


Advertising is storytelling and we love telling stories. Commercials are our bread and butter, and we take pride in our ability to move and inspire people in 30 seconds or less. 


One of our founders, Jacob Schwarz, has been an avid diver since he was 15 years old, and has been mastering the art of underwater photography for the last seven years. Whether you are looking to capture underwater content for a documentary, narrative, or commercial we'd love to help. 


We pride ourselves in owning some of the most advanced cameras and image capturing tools possible. We believe these tools allow us to tell stories in ways that simply weren't possible only a few years ago. When we aren't using our equipment, we love to see it used to create other amazing content. We have available for rent RED Weapon 8K cameras and accessories, cinema lenses, an underwater housing and lighting, Digital Sputnik RGB lighting, MōVI Stabilizers, and more. Check out our full list of equipment and prices here.  


Mystery Box has a broad cache of high quality content captured from around the world. We have curated collections, in resolutions up to 8K, for use in any area of programming. See below for a sample of our stock footage available for license through NIMIA




Our editors provide outstanding creativity and lightning fast turnaround. We support all standard definition, high definition, and ultra high definition formats using industry standard tools, and offer final delivery in any distribution format.


Our colorists combine their technical and creative skill sets with the endless power of DaVinci Resolve Studio and state of the art hardware to provide to our clients with unparalleled creative choice in color grading. We work in all industry standard color spaces, including Rec. 709, DCI-P3, and Rec. 2020 Wide Gamut, and are experienced with both SDR and HDR mastering for current and future television and theatrical formats, including ST.2084 for HDR10 delivery and HLG, at resolutions up to and including 8K FUHD. We are qualified for delivering masters in all HDR formats, including Dolby Vision HDR.


Whether you're shooting on RED, Sony, ARRI Alexa, Phantom High Speed, or any of the many other kinds of digital cinema cameras, action cameras, or drones on the market today, preserving the best image from camera to screen as simply and efficiently as possible is our mission. With in depth experience shooting with many kinds of professional and consumer platforms, Mystery Box is able to offer powerful, flexible, yet simple workflows for any camera. Our workflows maintain color fidelity from camera to screen, maintain image quality and consistency when working with multiple types of cameras, and simplify the process of managing multiple delivery formats. Save time and heartache with the benefit of over a decade of file based workflow experience.

Finishing, Mastering, & Archiving

Whether your content is headed for theatrical release, broadcast, or to be published on the web, or requires other special exhibition parameters we are here to help. We manage the finishing, mastering, and archival process for conventional and specialty cases, including:

  • Data archive and back-up

  • Tape & file-based duplication

  • HD & UHD master file and deliverables encoding

  • Digital Cinema Package creation

  • Advanced color space & compression format conversions

  • HEVC and HDR10 compression

Video Systems CONSULTING

With extensive experience in setting up, maintaining, and optimizing post production equipment, we are here to help you improve your existing or new facilities and tools. We offer full service color calibration for direct attached and reference displays and projectors; training on topics such as HDR Video, asset management and archival, and color management; data recovery for camera cards and other production issues; and video infrastructure planning for video file sharing networks, video routing networks, and custom workstation solutions. We are happy to work directly with your small team, or to work with your IT department or IT vendor as video systems experts.