Planet X Casting

Casting will be held Wednesday, August 30th, 2017, in Pleasant Grove, UT from 5:30PM - 8:00PM if you are interested in auditioning please send your head shot and resume to and we'll send you a time slot and full address and location.   


Planet X is a short story about the end of the world. Think Shaun of the Dead meets Blast from the Past

Its a fasting talking, fast paced comedy about a loving husband and wife, Jim and Jean, and their neighbor, Lisa, as they debate “fake” news and planetary theory all while preparing for the impending end of the world.


LISA (30)

Lisa is calm, rational, and has clocked in her hours, but sees life as a never ending merry-go-round, never ending, never slowing down or speeding up. She is a spectator always waiting for something terrible to happen or unexpected, however she never wants to be apart of it. She lives life on the side lines, wanting excitement, but never willing to take any risk.

Neighbors with Jim & Jean, Lisa is often finding a way or a means to drop by. She enjoys their company because Jean is open and willing to listen and Jim is always onto something interesting giving her the excitement that she seeks for and complains is missing in her life.  

JIM (40)

Jim is in his late 40’s and has spent his whole life worried about the future. He is brilliant but has an over- active mind and desire for knowledge of all things that has crippled him intellectually. He draws his conclusions and hypotheses from “Fake” news sources or forums and accept them as fact, this has altered his reality of the world around him as he sees real news and facts clash with his “fake news” founded ideologies. He takes low paying teaching jobs at the local community college where many of his ideas go unquestioned. He prefers this.

He can be quiet and reserved about his ideas when he has to be (thanks to Jean) but excited and engaged when he feels like someone is really listening (Lisa). 

JEAN (40)

Jean is also in her late 40’s and a hippy at heart who is now tame and integrated. She is loving but has always been a rebel, never trusted the “system” and always sees hope in every situation good or bad. As a child she kept rebelling hoping that it would take her further and further away from the repression that she felt. However, she has always been rational could rationalized her decisions of her rebellious youth. She was first attracted to Jim for his sense of freedom. He didn’t care what anyone else thought about his outlandish ideas and was never afraid to share. Thanks to Jim, she always has a chance to escape from day to day realities.