Commissioned by BYU Vocal Point music group featuring Encanto's Adassa.

Producer: Matthew Siemers
Director: David Liddell Thorpe
Creative Director, BYU Vocal Point: McKay Crockett
Executive Producer: Ben Fales
Associate Producer: Willem Kampenhout
2nd Assistant Director: Jess Burgin
Director of Photography: Jacob Schwarz
1st Assistant Camera: Jameson Dressen
Gaffer: Jared Jaynes
Key Grip: Austin Farmer
Choreographer: Jennifer Tingey
Hair/Makeup for Adassa: Robin Rosenthal
Hair/Makeup for Vocal Point: Rachel Bennett
Wardrobe Stylist: Cardin McKinney
Wardrobe Supervisor: Christian Affleck
Wardrobe Supervisor: Ellie Harrison Valle
Colorist: Drew Tekulve
Editor: Amanda Hoover
Costume Supervisor for One Voice Children's Choir: Emily Childs
Audio Support: Andrew Soulier
Vocal Point Stage Manager: Britt Gray
Management for Adassa: Gabriel Candiani and Chris Meek
One Voice Children's Choir Creative Directors: Tanner DeWaal, Michelle Boothe, Amanda Baugh
One Voice Children's Choir Director: Masa Fukuda

Special thanks to Jennifer Reed, Bridget Benton, Marc Ellison, Shane Westwood, Jeff McClellan, BYU Brand and Creative, and Mystery Box.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno”
From Disney’s 'Encanto'
Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda; Arranged by McKay Crockett
Performed by BYU Vocal Point, Adassa, and One Voice Children’s Choir
Producer: McKay Crockett
Executive Producer: Ben Fales
Recording engineer for Vocal Point: McKay Crockett
Recording engineer for Adassa: Gabriel Candiani
Recording engineer for One Voice: Masa Fukuda
Mixing engineer: Ed Boyer
Mastering engineer: Troy Sales
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David Thorpe

David Thorpe

David Thorpe


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