Mystery Box Presents:

The HDR Revolution

Presentation & Workshop
for Content Creators


It’s an uncomfortable fact:
The best image we can deliver is no longer on the cinema’s screen.

In the last couple of years, you may have seen a lot of excitement and trepidation around something new for the video world: High Dynamic Range Video. Walk into an electronics store and you see the words “HDR” and “Dolby Vision” on nearly every television. But what exactly is HDR Video? Is it a look? Is it a fad? Is it like 4K? Will it change anything in my part of the industry?

HDR Video is a revolution. A revolution that puts more creative options front and center by allowing us to deliver more dynamic range to our viewers than ever before. It gives content creators more options for creating more compelling content than ever before. It’s already been adopted and preferred by consumers: they can see the difference.

It’s going to replace traditional video.
We don’t want anyone to be left behind.

Which is why Mystery Box is hosting an HDR Presentation Workshop at our studios in Pleasant Grove, UT.  We’ve been working in HDR for over 3.5 years, and deliver industry leading images to companies like LG, Samsung, Sony, Visio, Panasonic, Dolby, NVIDIA, Intel, Google, and many more.

Seeing is believing. You’re invited to come and see.


When and Where

June 11th, 2019, 7-9pm
527 W State Street, Suite 103
Pleasant Grove, UT

What we’re going to cover

  • What is HDR Video?

  • Why is HDR Video important to creatives?

  • How do I add HDR to my workflow?

  • How do I light and expose for HDR?

  • How do I color correct & master in HDR?

  • What is Dolby Vision, and why do I want it?

  • How do I deliver HDR to my viewers?

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