When Should You Buy a REDROCKET-X?

It’s no secret among those we work with that we love RED.  And yet, with all of our camera purchases here at Mystery Box, we’ve never bought our own REDROCKET or REDROCKET-X.  On occasion we’ve borrowed a REDROCKET for projects here or there and we regularly discuss whether we should get one or not.  But we haven’t.  Even after the upgraded REDROCKET-X was released in 2013, we were still on the fence as to whether it would actually accelerate our workflows.

But instead of arguing about what-ifs and maybes, we decided to use a couple of days near the end of last year to really put it to the test.  We borrowed a friend’s REDROCKET-X and two full days of testing later, we had our results.

The TL;DR version of our results is that the the value of a REDROCKET-X depends significantly on your workflow.  For some it’s definitely worth it, while for others (including us) it’s far less so.

Specifically, you should consider a REDROCKET-X when your workflow demands 1. Real-time or faster R3D decoding and 2. The bottleneck / choking point is the actual decoding process, and not another point in the workflow.

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