Resolving Post Production Bottlenecks

Every system has one or more bottlenecks - the factors that limit all other operations or functions and controls the maximum speed things can happen.  This is true in every aspect of life, whether we’re talking chemistry, physics, biology, human resources, a film set, or editing and grading footage in post-production.

We’re not going to get into the bottlenecks in film production here since they tend to have a variety of causes and are often unique the type of production you’re working on or the companies or individuals involved.

Instead we want to look at finding bottlenecks in Post-Production, understanding how each one can limit the speed at which you can work, and when it can be simple or inexpensive fixes that can increase the level of productivity.

Broadly speaking, all bottlenecks in post fall into the following categories: storage device speedstorage transfer speedsperipheral transfer speedsprocessing power (CPU and GPU)software architecture, and workflow.

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