Mystery Box is a video production company based in Utah that specializes in the production of all entertainment including films, documentaries, TV, commercials, music videos, events, web, and more. We pride ourselves in telling stories that develop interest and grow the relationship between our clients and their audience. As a team, Mystery Box believes in creating content that both sells and portrays an incredible story or emotion. 

We didn't adapt to the shift of new media and online content - we grew up with it. While everyone else is trying to play catch up to meet the challenge of creating online content that engages and entertains audiences, we've been doing it for years - with the numbers to prove it. 


4K & 8K Productions

Mystery Box produces pristine UltraHD+ content that has gained a following of over 180,000 subscribers on Youtube with 100 million views and counting. We take pride in offering people a chance to go places and see things in detail that has never before been possible, in glorious UltraHD formats and specs . Our work has caught the attention of companies such as Sony, Dell,  Vizio, nVidia, Samsung, SES, and Harmonic to name a few. 



Growing up in the new media world, Mystery Box video production began on web producing content for YouTube. We've collaborated with some of the greatest advertising pioneers and content creators to produce unique, branded content for YouTube which has grossed over 1 billion media impressions over the last 5 years of our business. Click here to watch a YouTube playlist of our creations.

Dolby Vision & HDR MASTERING

Our HDR grading services leverage the expanded dynamic range for increased video quality that more closely matches what the human eye actually sees. The result is a more realistic, immersive cinematic experience with greater depth, richer colors, and more details in both the highlights and the shadows. This range take our images to the next level of realism. We offer HDR color grading services, that include a range of solutions and budgets for both existing libraries and new content creation from camera captured RAW content. Our colorists and facilities are Dolby Vision qualified. Contact us today to find out more. 



Whether you are starting out working on a concept or you know exactly what you want, our one-stop studio can take care of all of your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions. – contact@mysterybox.us